Why I Unfollow 156 Twitter Friends

From all of social media platform that I’ve tried until today, Twitter is my most favourite. Why? It is simply because Twitter can give me a lot of information that I need in a simple way. They can give us an interesting experience to share information and to receive them, as well. This is a platform that allows me to quickly find some interesting information based on what I’m interested in.

But now, do all of my followings / friends still give what I need? Are they still relevant to what I’m interested in today?

The first time I joined twitter, it was only for fun, nothing so serious back then. Now, it has changed. Twitter have become as a self branding tool for me. It is also a news source to me.

The way how I use Twitter now is tightly related to what I’m interested in now. I expect them to share things that related to software engineerings, startups, product development, user experiences, chelsea fc, my music preferences, or any general news around me. That is why, it’s important for me to ask myself, whether my followings are still relevant with those things or not.
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