Insert Post to Wordpress via XML-RPC

Hello programmers!

I can’t count the days since the last time I added a post to my blog and here I am with a new post. This is about WordPress and XML-RPC.

Several days ago, I made a huge and gigantic mistake to the company’s server. I formatted the disk. Oh my God! How dumb I was for not reading the instruction thoroughly. The consequence, I erased some critical scripts which had been used to pull content and saved it to the database. Fortunately, I didn’t erased any critical data. Well, there will always a bright side in every trouble, right?

So what did I do? Of course, I rewrote the scripts. Those scripts are not mine, but at least, I get the logic of it. It’s actually read some XML files, parse it, insert it to a WordPress database through XML-RPC, and delete all the XML files. Easy right? Continue reading “Insert Post to WordPress via XML-RPC”