This was My Job

Being a coder was not my dream at all. To be an alumnus of an informatics engineering university was also not my dream. I was dreaming to be like my father, a civil engineer. Saw him doing his job on the field made him really like a man. In some night, he was having some discussion with his employees about the structure and some picture of the building. That was cool, man! So why am I a coder now? Why did I choose informatics engineering?

My father said that an IT practitioner was going to be a prospective career. And that was the only reason why I chose it! Silly don’t you think? Or, shallow maybe.

4 years academic and finally I graduated at 2008, what would I do?

First opportunity came from Kenwood Singapore. I followed the test to be part of the R&D division. I was needed to solve problems in C language (oh hell!). But surprisingly, I passed. I was selected to be their employee and I was told to wait while they were taking care for legal administration. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Singapore, because their working permit proposal was rejected by Singapore Government. Oh no! I think that was a disaster to end up waiting for job offering in my hometown, Medan.

4 months passed and finally I got job offering from Malaysian office, it’s called ehors. A company which provides IT solutions for hospitality industry. They had some clients in Malaysia, Dutch, and Indonesia. That was cool, I think. I was required to be able to code in PHP and MySQL. It’s so easy and finally I got the job. For a month, I had training phase in Penang and it was really nice. Continue reading “This was My Job”