A Safe Multiple Transaction with Multiple Table

I have these 2 kinds of experience :

  1. I was employed by a hospitality-purpose software developer company, based on Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. But, I worked at their branch office in Medan, Indonesia. The case was, they had one feature, which was called Rate Code Program, that was used to manage hotel’s daily room rate. It was quite complex process, but the most problem that I faced was every time I tested the feature to save the rate codes and I found a problem, I needed to clear some data in database before I tested it again.
  2. Later than, I move to another company and I was assigned to develop a daily planning for fuel distribution system. Everything was going fine until the test phase came. It was not a really problem actually, but it was really annoying. Every time the system saved their daily plan, this mean that the system will send a lot of row of data, and the error occurred, I need to clean the database again before I tested it for next time.

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