Dashboard Page of Clodeo

Hi All! This time I’d like to give you more information about how clodeo really works, especially at dashboard page. Actually, you can see how it works by following the site tour provided in demo version, but I’d like to describe it in more detail. First, let’s take a look at all the page provided in dashboard page.

Clodeo : Dashboard
Clodeo : Dashboard
Clodeo dashboard - alert submenu
Alert submenu of dashboard in clodeo
Clodeo dashboard - snapshots submenu
The snapshots submenu at clodeo dashboard

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Simple Test : MongoDB vs MySQL

It’s just come up in my mind that I want to prove the performance difference between MySQL and MongoDB, so I started this research. It took almost 2 days (I waste a lot of my time in importing a lot of data) and the conclusion is MongoDB is faster than MySQL and it’s about 50% faster. Okay, let’s say ‘wow’ together, “woooooow!”. It might be some of you already known about this fact, but this is my first time in proving the performance between to technologies and I felt so ecstatic!

Now let me tell you the environment that I use for this test. I use Ruby on Rails 3.2.8MySQL 5.1.44, mysql2 gem (0.3.11), mongoid gem (3.0.14), and MongoDB (2.2.0). My plan is to see which one has the better performance in solving the N + 1 Query Problem, so I prepared 2 tables of data which are containing a quite lot amount of data. Table hotels (the main table) has 4,450 rows of data and Table hotel_reviews (the child table) has 75,650 rows of data.

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