Sphinx Setup on Mac OS X 10.7

My previous post was talking about how to use thinking sphinx (ruby gem for sphinx) with MySQL and now I would like to share about how to set sphinx up, especially at Mac OS X 10.7 machine. I assume you guys have installed RDBMS (MySQL or PostgreSQL) at your machine.

First, you need to download sphinx at sphinx download page and download the source tarball. Extract the file and get into the folder. Then, execute these commands to install sphinx to your mac machine.

> ./configure
> make
> sudo make install

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hafizbadrie.com is Up and Running

I just published my own website, please visit http://hafizbadrie.com. This site is my published professional profile. So you won’t find any other things except my descriptions related to my professional experience.

The question is why don’t I publish this blog at my own website? It’s because I have this one first. I don’t want to trouble myself by migrating this blog into my site. The service is here, so I’ll use it and I’ll make my own site into something different. That’s why I decided to make my site a bit static showing only my profile.

Hope it will be useful for you readers!