Why I Unfollow 156 Twitter Friends

From all of social media platform that I’ve tried until today, Twitter is my most favourite. Why? It is simply because Twitter can give me a lot of information that I need in a simple way. They can give us an interesting experience to share information and to receive them, as well. This is a platform that allows me to quickly find some interesting information based on what I’m interested in.

But now, do all of my followings / friends still give what I need? Are they still relevant to what I’m interested in today?

The first time I joined twitter, it was only for fun, nothing so serious back then. Now, it has changed. Twitter have become as a self branding tool for me. It is also a news source to me.

The way how I use Twitter now is tightly related to what I’m interested in now. I expect them to share things that related to software engineerings, startups, product development, user experiences, chelsea fc, my music preferences, or any general news around me. That is why, it’s important for me to ask myself, whether my followings are still relevant with those things or not.

To answer that question, I made a plan to have a detail research with all of my followings. But, the simplest thing that I can do now is to find out the latest date of tweet from my each following.

Why do I need that? You’ll know, just wait a little bit longer.

To have that information, I wrote scripts that cover these activities:
1. Get all of my followings list
2. Store them all in my database
3. Fetch them all from my database
4. Unfollow a specified user

So, what did I get? I found this facts:
1. 79 people last tweet on year 2014
2. 38 people last tweet on year 2013
3. 13 people last tweet on year 2012
4. 11 people last tweet on year 2011
5. 9 people last tweet on year 2010
6. 3 people last tweet on year 2009
7. 3 people last tweet even longer that Twitter can’t even remember

Total all of them are 156 people.

Before I moved on to where I unfollow all of these people, I asked myself this question: “Why don’t they write on twitter anymore?”.

I thought I knew the answers:
1. Maybe they forgot their username or password. And even worse, the also forget their email password. Yeah perfect!
2. Oh, maybe they don’t use smartphones. Oh, Really?
3. People: “I don’t have anything to share, I just love reading them”
4. I know! Probably, they just want to reserve a twitter id.
5. They’re out of business? Oh my God, I’m sorry to hear that.
6. Or simply, maybe they just don’t want to use twitter anymore.

There will be many kind of answers to that question, but one thing that similar between those answers is those people are no longer meet my expectation to share things that relate to my interest. If that so, why am I still following them? Let’s just unfollow all of them!

It is done in less than 5 minutes, however, are my remaining followings still relevant to my interest?. That would be tricky question, because “time” parameter shouldn’t be the only one that I use to decide whether to unfollow them or not. Perhaps, this time, I should consider to look deeply into their tweets. That would be tough, but I think it’s worth to try.

The point what I’m trying to convey that it is important to build a way of thinking that data / information is needed to decide something. Moreover, that decision is something related to your important goal. It’s okay to use your gut sense or intuition in certain circumstances. But, you need to remember that working on a data / information before deciding is also a way to train your intuition.

Have a nice day, people! :)


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