A Story About Clodeo – A Simple Project Management Application

One day, there was an idea that came up in my mind. The idea was a simple application that works for project management. I knew it was a “red ocean” kind of an app, but I believed that with so many kind of project management apps I would still have a market. So the story began…

I built it with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Bootstrap. I developed some simple features that covered project management and issue or task management. After several weeks, I finished the application, named it with wirapm as the code, and deployed it at the office to help us controlling what we were doing with our project. Unfortunately, I was the only who use the application. It really helped me to know where we were in our project, but I thought I could add more feature. So, I got an idea to add a feature for users to write about anything and they can share it to other users or not. Then, I developed the feature, I named it with journals, and I updated the app for the office.

This change gave me more reasons to use this app. The blog-like feature helped us to give daily report or share something new to others. And again, I still thought that I could scale the features and I got the idea about meeting room. I would like to make a virtual meeting room, so people which is not in the same location could have a small meeting. The concept was only a chat room where users are able to create their own meeting room and invite other user. So, I developed it in around 2 weeks with the help from nodejs and juggernaut to cover the websocket module. But, it’s not used at all.

So, what’s the problem exactly? Continue reading “A Story About Clodeo – A Simple Project Management Application”

What I Think About Service Oriented Architecture

This term has been repeated said when I was in college. Back then I had an ideal point of view that everything should be integrated as one. Why? Because it would be a great and massive where the subsystems could easily talk or communicate each other. Compared to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), it was a nightmare to me. You develop the system part by part and you make them communicate with a web service, SOAP was the popular way of doing it. You can imagine the effort that you need to give to build that kind of application? I said no to SOA, until recently. Continue reading “What I Think About Service Oriented Architecture”