Simplicit − Next Development Step

Simplicit V. 2 is officially published!

Now you can visit and clone it to your local computer. I’ve completed README document,  so you can follow the instructions there to test it. But, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated the demo site at, I’ll work on it ASAP.

Honestly, I really want this thing become one great thing that I’ve created. That’s why I put my focus on this so much! So, let’s prepare the next development step. Next great steps that I need to do are :

  1. Modify the way user sign in the application
  2. Find out a way to make the design integration is better
  3. Simplicit logo
  4. A better simplicit back-end interface
  5. A better user interaction
  6. Make it a generator

I think those steps is good enough to make simplicit even better. Let’s rock the web world with a better, more simple, and more flexible CMS!

Simplicit − Has Been Fixed

By this date, Simplicit finally has been fixed and upgraded. With current concept, the development will be more flexible and simple. You can see the update at the github page But actually, I haven’t passed all phases yet. 1 phase that I need to pass is the test phase. I’ll post the further report later along with complete README document for github page. After finish all the thing, I should give my focus on logo and interface design. So far, I don’t have logo for this software, while the interface design is still so minimalist. I want to make the interface more user friendly, of course I mean developer friendly. If the things have been finished, the next thing to do is improvement development. Simplicit should be more useful either from it’s functionality and it’s usability.

Enjoy simplicit!

The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur? I dreamed to be one, but not in near time. I was dreaming that after finished my study in ITB, I would get a job at famous company with high salary. With that salary I would save it for my business one day. That was the plan, but in reality I didn’t do it. I already started my entrepreneur phase. It all started since November 2010 and it was fun. Continue reading “The Beginning of Entrepreneurship”

Simplicit is Need to be Modified

I really hate to say this, plus to face this fact.

At the beginning of the development, simplicit was meant to be a flexible and simple CMS. But after I had a deep analysis in several case study, what I have developed is not flexible at all. But you don’t need to worry, because I’ve already discovered the solution for this case. I found out that my problem is in integrity of pages. With current version, it’s pretty hard to integrate between pages and also the concept of pages is so stiff. So I think I need to modify something in page management, so user won’t be confused to create any kind of pages that they want.

I’ll publish the next version ASAP and for now, I’ll be focus in fixing and upgrading current version.

Simplicit − Simple Rails CMS

Simplicit is here!

It all started when I finally  coded in Ruby on Rails. I need to do something to make my study on Ruby on Rails succeed. So I decided to make something useful and cover a lot of Rails topic by creating a Content Management System. I have explored some rails CMS like Radiant and Casein, but I just feel there’s something that they lack of and I think it’s flexibility and simplicity.

Continue reading “Simplicit − Simple Rails CMS”