Duapupa is Up : CI and MySQL Site with Bootstrap 2 Backend Page

Hello everyone!

You know what? Duapupa is up! Yeah, yeah, I’m too late to tell you this. Duapupa has been up for about a month. Anyhow, for everyone who haven’t known about this store, especially for girls, you should check this site out. For every girl who’s looking for a simple, yet elegant design, this site is worth visiting.

Duapupa is my friend’s e-store which I developed with PHP and MySQL. I used codeigniter as its MVC framework and Bootstrap 2 for backend interface design. I would gladly say, bootstrap 2 is awesome! For you developers, you should try this stuff. Check it at Bootstrap.

Okay, what I really want to tell you is about this store, technically. This store have some basic features for ecommerce, such as :

  1. Catalog
  2. Products grouping by collections or categories
  3. Product showcase and magnifier
  4. Online order
  5. Payment confirmation
  6. Order tracking
  7. CI built in cart class
  8. Product searching by name
  9. Backend feature Continue reading “Duapupa is Up : CI and MySQL Site with Bootstrap 2 Backend Page”