Paint on HTML5 Canvas with KineticJS

Paint on Canvas at Clodeo Lab
Paint on Canvas at Clodeo Lab

This idea came up when I needed to add new feature at clodeo. The basic idea was to improve current meeting room feature. The feature currently can only be used as a chatting room with manageable room, but in fact, chatting feature is not enough. I need something which can handle visual process like painting, adding image, or resizing image and that’s why I started this research. A virtual “white board” which is complemented with chat board, so users will be able to coordinate with other team remotely, for sure. Continue reading “Paint on HTML5 Canvas with KineticJS”

A Story About Clodeo – A Simple Project Management Application

One day, there was an idea that came up in my mind. The idea was a simple application that works for project management. I knew it was a “red ocean” kind of an app, but I believed that with so many kind of project management apps I would still have a market. So the story began…

I built it with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Bootstrap. I developed some simple features that covered project management and issue or task management. After several weeks, I finished the application, named it with wirapm as the code, and deployed it at the office to help us controlling what we were doing with our project. Unfortunately, I was the only who use the application. It really helped me to know where we were in our project, but I thought I could add more feature. So, I got an idea to add a feature for users to write about anything and they can share it to other users or not. Then, I developed the feature, I named it with journals, and I updated the app for the office.

This change gave me more reasons to use this app. The blog-like feature helped us to give daily report or share something new to others. And again, I still thought that I could scale the features and I got the idea about meeting room. I would like to make a virtual meeting room, so people which is not in the same location could have a small meeting. The concept was only a chat room where users are able to create their own meeting room and invite other user. So, I developed it in around 2 weeks with the help from nodejs and juggernaut to cover the websocket module. But, it’s not used at all.

So, what’s the problem exactly? Continue reading “A Story About Clodeo – A Simple Project Management Application”

Dashboard Page of Clodeo

Hi All! This time I’d like to give you more information about how clodeo really works, especially at dashboard page. Actually, you can see how it works by following the site tour provided in demo version, but I’d like to describe it in more detail. First, let’s take a look at all the page provided in dashboard page.

Clodeo : Dashboard
Clodeo : Dashboard
Clodeo dashboard - alert submenu
Alert submenu of dashboard in clodeo
Clodeo dashboard - snapshots submenu
The snapshots submenu at clodeo dashboard

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Clodeo First Release

I proudly present my very first product release, Clodeo. A simple collaboration tool to handle your project management and issue-resource mapping. This tool has key features, such as :

  1. Easy project, issue, and resource management
  2. Can be used by your client to monitor the project going on between you
  3. Provide journals to write anything publicly or privately
  4. A mini forum to discuss everything with your co-worker
  5. News board to share everything related to the company

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