Addition for peek-mysql2

Hi Coders and Hello 2015!

Happy new year to all! Yeah, I know it’s already January 12, but it’s not to late to say that, since we’re still in January. :D

Guys, I have a new hobby now! (Oh please! Don’t you have anything else to tell people?)

Yes! Wandering around exploring github to find some awesome and cool project. One thing that I found interesting is peek. It’s like a bar that shows some helpful information related to your application performance. Queries performance is one of them.

To have a query performance shown in the bar, you need to add another gem called peek-mysql2. The first time I used it, it’s quite interesting. It shows you how many queries called in a request and how long it needs to finish all the queries.


I still can’t see what queries are executed and how long it needs to execute each query. So, I think I need to extend it to be similar like laravel debugbar. Yeap! I’ve been using laravel debugbar lately in my employer company product. One of the feature, which is super helpful, is database queries. It can show you all the queries executed along with its duration. Now, I want to add something similar like that but a little bit simpler.

Well, I’ve finished it and made a pull request to the original repository. Perhaps, it will be accepted and merged immediately, so more people can use it. :D

Owh! This is how it’s like after I add more functionalities to it.

Breakdown list of executed queries
Breakdown list of executed queries

So what do you guys think about this?



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