Questions That I Asked to Myself When Writing Codes

Lately, I’ve been involved intensively in Test Driven Development environment. Which is great! I’ve been waiting to have this experience of writing codes with clear standard. However, there’s no such thing of perfection (maybe I can talk about this later), but I give my highest respect to this new experience.

This cause some changes in how I write codes, to be precise, my attitude towards software development. So, there are more questions in my questions list, which I need to answer one by one, from the beginning of writing codes until the end. These are the complete questions:

  1. What’s the story?
  2. What am I suppose to do to solve it?
  3. Have I pulled new revisions?
  4. Do I need to create new branch?
  5. Do I need to write behaviour test?
  6. Do I need to write view test?
  7. Do I need to write controller test?
  8. Do I need to write model test?
  9. Do I need to write lib / other test?
  10. Do I need to write javascript test?
  11. Have I completed the story?
  12. Do I need to refactor?
  13. Do I need to extract the codes?
  14. Have I tested all related codes?

Those 14 questions are mandatory, in order to make sure that I always deliver quality codes.

Anyway, there’s other big question which should be asked in the very beginning.

Do I need CI?