Clodeo Relaunch

Do you still remember with my previous post about Clodeo? Yeah, it’s been a very long time and now I’m going to give you a new information related to it. Yes, Clodeo is relaunched with more compact and easily understood features.

Dashboard page of clodeo.

This time, we offer you some features to help you to manage your project (events) activities with simple actions. You don’t need to pass through a lot of steps to finish an action. Just get to the point and it’s done. This application is suitable for :

  1. Team which have more concern in action than making a plan or strategy
  2. Team which have high concern in communication
  3. Team which prioritizing in simplicity of use of the application
  4. Team which is working in event organizer industry background. But this application is also can be used for other type of industry with small modification, since the basic concept of this application is generic.

The collaboration and management features surely will help you achieving the team’s goal without wasting time too much time in operating the system but you still can have a good information about the team progress.

We are now on sale and we are giving some very interesting deals. So if you are interested in this application, come and try the application at And if you want to know more about the product or even want to have a deal with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at



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