Duapupa is Up : CI and MySQL Site with Bootstrap 2 Backend Page

Hello everyone!

You know what? Duapupa is up! Yeah, yeah, I’m too late to tell you this. Duapupa has been up for about a month. Anyhow, for everyone who haven’t known about this store, especially for girls, you should check this site out. For every girl who’s looking for a simple, yet elegant design, this site is worth visiting.

Duapupa is my friend’s e-store which I developed with PHP and MySQL. I used codeigniter as its MVC framework and Bootstrap 2 for backend interface design. I would gladly say, bootstrap 2 is awesome! For you developers, you should try this stuff. Check it at Bootstrap.

Okay, what I really want to tell you is about this store, technically. This store have some basic features for ecommerce, such as :

  1. Catalog
  2. Products grouping by collections or categories
  3. Product showcase and magnifier
  4. Online order
  5. Payment confirmation
  6. Order tracking
  7. CI built in cart class
  8. Product searching by name
  9. Backend feature

Actually, there’s nothing extraordinary from the feature, but 3 things that’s really interesting when doing this site are :

1. Creating the product showcase and magnifier

I was required to create a showcase in the product page and also the magnifier for every product. At first, I think it’s not a problem. There’s a lot of script that I could adopt for it in the site. But when I’d seen the design, It will not that easy to adopt that scripts. I need some scripts that are combination of slide show and magnifying feature. So I began my research and find some cool stuff. Voila! I could make the showcase as required.

2. Online order and auto email sender

Auto email sender was made to send information for user every time they order product, confirm product, and when admin set the status of product to delivered. I use gmail as my mail engine and I thought I have problem in performance. Yes, I have the engine send the email synchronously every time the user start the process. Consequently, sometime error occurred related to ssl timeout.

What should I do? So far, I’m thinking of using asynchronous email sending. So the engine working in background and user doesn’t have to wait the engine to finish sending the email. But, it’s still in development. So, when you use this site, you won’t find the email working in background. You have to ready yourself to face the SSL timeout error.

3. Implementation of bootstrap 2 for backend page

The first time I saw bootstrap, “this is a great tool for a design-fool like me”. Yes! For sometimes, I’ve been thinking on how to create a good looking backend page. I made one, but actually that one was not a good design. Bootstrap really help me to create a good looking and experience for backend page. For you, common user, you won’t use the backend page, because I won’t tell you where it is. Lucky you who have your time trying to find the page and succeeded.

That’s it, guys. This thing has been an engine for me. So every time, every one’s looking for an ecommerce, I just have to think about the front end design. Because every thing is all there. Once again, for every girls who looking for a good clothes and every boys who’s looking some elegant clothes for the girls, please enjoy shopping at Duapupa.


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