The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur? I dreamed to be one, but not in near time. I was dreaming that after finished my study in ITB, I would get a job at famous company with high salary. With that salary I would save it for my business one day. That was the plan, but in reality I didn’t do it. I already started my entrepreneur phase. It all started since November 2010 and it was fun.

The name of company is Wiradipa Nusantara, we work on IT industry and doing some software development which is focus on web-based application. I was selected as Chief of Technology Officer and it because I asked to be. There was a time when we needed to select who will be the Chief of Executive Officer, and I declined to be one of the nominators. Because what I wanted to be the CTO. Why? Because it directly manage and coordinate the core business of the company. I assumed that this position could provide more challenge to me.

So far, we’re doing fine. We’re still looking for some project to get money, but again, this is the interesting part. How will you maintain your business? Everything will have it’s ups and downs, but in my mind, I must not give up on the condition. We can fight for ourselves and futures. So, with the step that I took, I’ve decided to pave my life path in the different ways from the plan that I made. I’ll never regret and I’ll remember it until the end of my life. I’ll survive and fight for it!


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