Simplicit − Simple Rails CMS

Simplicit is here!

It all started when I finally  coded in Ruby on Rails. I need to do something to make my study on Ruby on Rails succeed. So I decided to make something useful and cover a lot of Rails topic by creating a Content Management System. I have explored some rails CMS like Radiant and Casein, but I just feel there’s something that they lack of and I think it’s flexibility and simplicity.

Simplicit is flexible because it gives you easy ways to create a single page, nested page, or blog-like page. It simple because mostly you just need to code HTML, Javascript, and CSS but they run on rails. But of course, this CMS wasn’t built for end-user but for web developer, due to back end system, it is developer friendly.

I made it open source, so you can see the source at So far, the published source is version 1 and the development is still going on. You will see a standard interface at the backend system and maybe you’ll find some bugs there. But that’s why you’re going open right? I’d be happy for your feedback, if you’d kind to use it.



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