SSIS – Lookup Component Problem

Right now, I’m doing task on SQL Server Integration Service 2005 (SSIS), and I have a problem with case like this.

Let’s say I have 4 data sources (tables), along with its data :

Table A

Column A1 (PK) Varchar(255) Column A2 (FK to Table B) Varchar(255)
1 11
2 12
3 11
4 14
5 11

You see that column A2 has several record with same values (11)

Table B

Column B1 (PK)


Column B2


11 A
12 B
13 C
14 D
15 E

Table C

Column C1 (PK)


Column C2 (FK to Table D)


1 0421095201
2 0414117102
3 0421095201
4 0414117102
5 0421095201

Here the data is same with Table A and also for column C2, it also has same values in its record.

Table D

Column D1 (PK)


Column D2


0421095201 F
0414117102 G

Now, with those 4 data source, I use lookup component to get a reference data with flow like this :

Data FlowFirst I use Table A and look up its foreign key to Table B it was resulting a success.

But when I use Table C and look up its foreign key to Table D. It was failed with error message “Row yielded no match during lookup”. Do you have any idea about it?

I just don’t have any idea, for some kind of data it didn’t work even with the same data type.


4 thoughts on “SSIS – Lookup Component Problem

  1. Until now, I haven’t figured out how to solve this problem still using lookup component. But I just modify the query in my data source. I do the inner join in the data source, well the problem solved.
    But, the problem with lookup component, still in unsolved.

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