Hello Business Intelligence! – Intro and Requirement Part

what is business intelligence (BI)?

That question was never answered since it showed up in my mind 2 years ago until i started work on it 3 months ago. Our client asked us to create a business intelligence system running on Microsoft SQL Server 2005, along with PerformancePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007. They expect to have a system so they could see their organization performance easily, only in 3 months. Wow! i could only respond in a good way, because it really was a challenging matter, though somehow it slightly possible. Not only that, we found out that they hadn’t had some automated system run for their daily operation. So far, they only depend on spreadsheet application to store their data.

Ok, nevermind we do it!

Started with requirement phase and what surprised me? We need to interview the users from the lowest level. Hei! we are going to build business intelligence system, right? So, why do we start from the lowest level of organization? But what can I do? Well, we continue our requirement data gathering to the next level until the top management.

The interesting thing in the process were all the user was expecting to add some features to the business intelligence which is, I can say, transactional function (day to day data transaction). Well, is that a business intelligence system? Oow, maybe because I’m a beginner, I need to read more about BI system. It could be possible that business intelligence system contains those features.

Well, that’s it for introduction and requirement part and I’ll continue it to the next part. Well, what I can conclude from the story are :

  1. The time they gave us to build a BI system is so fantastic short. (true isn’t it? or maybe i’m just over reacted).
  2. They don’t have a very good foundation for their IT structure and they want to create the top part of the structure (BI system).
  3. I don’t know why this BI system will be used by all level of organization.
  4. Why they easily asked us to add some day-to-day data transaction features inside the system.

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